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New boarding could leave United Airlines aisle-seat passengers with less space for hand luggage

United Airlines will change the boarding process on October 26, which could leave aisle-seat passengers with less space for their bags in the overhead bins.

According to an internal memo, details of which were published in the US media, window-seat passengers will board first, then people in the middle seat, followed by travelers in the aisle seat.

It means the aisle-seat passengers will have less space for their carry-on as the overhead bins will be packed with bags of other passengers who boarded the first.

The lack of space in the overhead bins leads some carry-on to be transported in the plane luggage compartment.

The boarding process will not change for first and business-class passengers, families with children up to 2 years, people with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, and active-duty military. As now, they will be the first to board the plane.

United Airlines will introduce a new way of boarding on domestic and some international flights. The airline hopes it could save 2 minutes on each flight. Time seems short, but it could prevent long flight delays at congested airports. Departing on time at these airports is crucial to avoid missing the take-off slot.
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