AirlinesRyanair hand luggage rules in 2023: size and weight

Ryanair hand luggage rules in 2023: size and weight

Ryanair, as a low-cost carrier, has a strict policy of hand luggage transportation in 2023. In this article, you will find out Ryanair hand luggage rules and what bags you can bring with you on the plane free of charge.

The standard Ryanair bag policy tells us if you buy cheap tickets, you can bring only small hand luggage for free. You can purchase Priority boarding to get two items on the plane – small hang luggage and large hang luggage.

Ryanair small luggage size and weight

The dimensions of the small hand luggage on the Ryanair flight should fit 40x25x20 cm. The small hand luggage has no weight limit, so you can bring a bag as heavy as you as you can.

Ryanair allows only one item as small hand luggage. It could be a bag, a trolley bag, a backpack, or a laptop bag.

Ryanair large hand luggage size and weight

Passengers can only travel with the large hand luggage on Ryanair flights if they bought the Priority boarding. This service is included as default in the Regular and Flexi Plus fares.

The Ryanair large hand luggage size should fit 55x40x20 cm and weigh no more than 10 kg.

Passengers with the Priority boarding service can bring with them on the Ryanair plane:

  • small luggage, size 40x25x20 cm without weight limit,
  • large hand luggage, size 55x40x20 cm and weight up to 10 kg.

Ryanair 10 kg hand luggage size

The dimensions of the Ryanair 10 kg hand luggage are 55x40x20 cm. Ryanair considers this luggage as large hand luggage. You should pay the Priority boarding fee to bring this bag to the plane’s cabin.

The cost of Ryanair’s large hand luggage

The Ryanair large hand luggage cost depends on the flight date, route, and time you book the Priority boarding. According to the official information, Ryanair charges for the Priority boarding 6-36 euros per flight at the time of booking and 20-38 euros after the booking and at the airport.

Allowance for toiletries and makeup on Ryanair flights

Ryanair has no special policy for toiletries and makeup. Passengers should pack these items in their small or large hand luggage, or they will be charged baggage fees.
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